Traditional way of gardening is now over

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We are developing a multipurpose gardening robot that solves all of your lawn care problems.

Mowing The Lawn

Our robot mows your lawn completely autonomously without leaving patches of grass uncut. It does so in an efficient manner and leaves a good-looking mowing pattern.

Removing The Weeds

The robot is able to detect weeds on the lawn and remove them. FYI, no pesticides are used!

Vacuuming The Leaves

The robot detects the leaves on the lawn and is able to remove them. It disposes the leaves in a desired location in your garden.

3 in 1

One solution for the three most tedious gardening jobs.

Plug & Play

No installation (e.g. boundary cable) is required.


Our robot is around 10 times more efficient than the current gardening robots.


Our robot has 3 parallel safety systems to ensure a maximum level of safety.

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